We Are Made
Phở Each Other

Our Story

We opened our first restaurant in 2011 with a vision to provide a fresh and modern Vietnamese dining experience, and we now have 4 locations in Winnipeg. Tom Hoang, founder of our restaurant, wanted to bring over to Canada the contemporary flavours he often tasted while travelling back home. He combined these new flavours with traditional family recipes to create something truly unique.

Ten years later, Phở Hoang has been recognized as the best family-owned Vietnamese restaurant in Winnipeg, something that could have only been possible through creating an authentic and fresh experience. Now with four locations, we still strive to make our restaurants as inclusive as possible. Everyone is welcome in our restaurant, we like it when our house is full.

Our Values

Family Owned

Our restaurant is our second home because at home is where we started cooking. And like home, Phở Hoang is a space where everyone is welcome. We’ve created a premium experience without you having to break the bank. We like it when our house is full.

Signature Broth

Our signature broth is what got us to where we are today. You’ll need to taste it to understand what we mean. We like to stay innovative by taking our family recipes and adding a modern and unexpected twist.

Always Fresh

In our kitchen, we believe that great ingredients make great food, which is why we prepare everything fresh on a daily basis. Each time you sit at our table, rest assured you’re eating quality ingredients — now that’s something to be proud of.

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Join the Team

Be the Hoangs. It’s the people on our team who make everything happen, and we are always looking for new members who share the same vision.

To apply online to work at Phở Hoang, please send your resumes to hello@phohoang.com