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1. Spring Rolls 6.95

Minced pork and vegetables, wrapped in spring roll paper, deep-fried until golden-brown

2. Lotus Root Salad or Fresh Mango Salad 14.95

Your choice of sliced lotus rootlet or sliced mango, mixed with pickled carrots, seasonal herbs and one of the following protein options: a) Prawn b) Chicken, or c) Tofu

3. Salad Rolls 7.95

Herbs, lettuce, vermicelli noodles, wrapped in a rice paper shell, served with peanut sauce and your choice of: a) Prawn
b) Pork Skewer
c) Grilled Pork
d) Chicken

e) Tofu

f) with Sugarcane shrimp

g) with Grilled pork and shrimp 8.50

4. Wonton Soup 7.95

Pork and shrimp-stuffed wonton dumplings served in a traditional soup broth

5. Sweet Potato & Shrimp Crepe 9.95

Shredded pieces of sweet potato and whole shrimp formed into small fritter patties. Crisp fried until golden-brown

6. Sugarcane Shrimp 7.95

Tender minced shrimp grilled on a sugarcane stick

7. Asian Chicken Wings 9.95

Juicy fried chicken wings with traditional spices and sauce

8. Deep-Fried Wontons 7.50

Traditional pork and vegetable filling, wrapped in wonton shell, and crisp fried until golden brown

9. Prawn Tempura 10.95

Lightly battered tempura prawns, deep fried until golden brown

9b. Honey Walnut Prawns 13.50

Crispy battered prawns coated in creamy honey sauce and candied walnut


◆ Egg 1.50
◆ Spring Roll 2.50
◆ Grilled Pork Chop 4.95
◆ Deep Fried Chicken 6.95

◆ Sugarcane Shrimp 2.50
◆ Chinese Sausage 1.95
◆ Bowl of Soup 1.95
◆ Meat Ball Soup 6.95

◆ Grilled Lemongrass Chicken 6.95
◆ Grilled Prawn 2.95
◆ Meat Pie 1.95
◆ BBQ Beef Short Rib 7.95

Contains Peanuts


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